Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Week 10: Update

The web team has completed the website for the gallery, which is now live www.3rddimensionexhibition.co.uk/index.html.

Student Profile Page

Getting Here Page

Home Page

The content I have gathered has been uploaded and can be see on the homepage and contact us page. As a group we have worked really well to get it finished before the exhibition. This was one of our aims as we wanted viewers to be able to check the website before the exhibition begins so they have access to the relevant information. Everyone has contributed individually to the process and we have been able to bring all the different elements together. The Facebook page that was set up has really helped us as a group to communicate outside of Uni. The Drop box folder has worked extremely well to allow us access to each others files and folders.

Chrissy has informed the group that she can get hold of boards that we can use during the exhibition to show our 3 pieces of work so I believe we will use these instead of the 3D paper boxes.

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